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The vision that the Lord have given me for Christ outreach deliverance center is we as a body of Christ must come together as one. We must realize that we need each other in order for the church to grow and be strong . We are to love the church .

The lord showed me the vision of a church that seats 300 to 400 people .In the vision I seen a banquet hall that seats 700 people. I also was shown classrooms,a playground and a recreation area for our youths to come and enjoy clean fun and study. In the vision was a community center for our outreach ministry. This will include job opportunities , food pantry,referral information and spiritual guidance.

also in vision that the lord showed me was a lounge room for the elder saints to rest and meditate before are after services. We are a outreach ministry. We must reach out to the lost, the broken hearted, the sick and those who are bound by drugs and alcohol. God is truly a deliverer, for with God nothing is  impossible.

We must have faith that God will give us what we need to do the work that he have called us to do. As we work as a body the work of the Lord will not be over whelming.Because as a body we are strong. and we can get the work of the Lord done, Praise the Lord! Our pray is that God will let us see our vision come to pass in our lifetime. As your Pastor, I will do everything within my power to make life easier for the saints here at Christ outreach . I know that Pastor Audrey is standing completely by my side in agreement with me and the Lord.For we are working together to the glory of God.We desire to see our youth get a good education and reach their full potential. We want our youth to always remember that they can do all things through Christ which strengths them.

We would also like to have a after school program . We desire to provide a safe environment where the youth can come and stay until their parents arrive home. With God’s help,every phase of the vision shall come to pass . Let us walk upright before Lord , stay saved , and continue to love and obey the word of our God. Thank you for your love, support and prayers as we endeavor to do a great work for the lord.


Yours because of Christ

Pastor Robert and Audrey Wheeler