FB_IMG_1472069375812My name is Pastor Robert Wheeler, I was born on may 2, 1950 in Carroliton Mississippi.

I attended Marshall high school 1970. My Parents who i love so much were a great inspiration in my life.

i moved to Chicago, IL. in 1970 and have been here every since that time. I married Audrey Wheeler in

  • 1978, We have one daughter and two sons. We are blessed with five wonderful grandsons.I am currently

the Pastor at Christ outreach deliverance center where it’s located on 5100 west Chicago Ave. in Chicago

, IL. I have been Pastoring since December 1999 for 16 years . I have been saved for 38 years.I have

worked in transportation for 32 years, After  27 years of service I retired with Yellow freight trucking

company. I received the truck driver of the year award in the year of 2004. Am now serving in

full ministries throughout the Chicago land area. Before starting this great work at Christ outreach

deliverance center. I enjoyed teaching and preaching the word of God and i have a special love and

interest in Sunday school. My passion and desire is to work with families in our church and community

to promote and help build positive family relationships and values. We work closely with young men

providing resource information ,training programs and jobs . At Christ outreach deliverance center we are

all way in encouraging them to stay in school . Please come and fellowship with us and receive a

blessing from the Lord. We are assisting Families with resources and information,Spiritual growth and development.


God bless you .

Senior Pastor Robert Wheeler